Employer Background Checks – Video by Attorney Bruce Coane 

In this video, Attorney Bruce Coane speaks about criminal background checks that are done by employers when individuals apply for jobs. These individuals often question if they have a case when they are not hired or when they are fired because of an arrest history. Unfortunately, most states, including Texas, have no state law about criminal background checks in employment, so most of the time, they will not.

However, this year, the EEOC came out with guidance about these checks, and how the criminal justice system affects Hispanics and blacks, in particular. As a result, it is quite possible to bring claims to court for race discrimination after a criminal background check has been conducted. Although the EEOC guidelines only references these specific races, it could apply to anybody, as the EEOC investigates complaints of discrimination based on age, race, sex, national origin, religion and disability.

To see the EEOC Enforcement Guidance, click the link below.