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    Immigration and Employment Law Update-November 17, 2017 

    Here is a video that I shot in Madagascar in 2015, where I am talking about the Affidavit of Support which is required in many immigration cases. I talk about the misconception that people have where they think they must earn a certain income in order to file a visa petition or to “sponsor” a family member or foreign spouse. This is still a common issue, and the reality is that no job is required to sponsor a family member or spouse.

    In other news, I was at Immigration Court in San Antonio this week representing a client who has DACA through 2019. For some strange reason, the ICE lawyer decided to start prosecuting my client again, despite the fact that he has DACA status and a work permit until 2019. I asked the ICE lawyer and the judge to close the case due to the fact my client is in valid DACA status. They said they would consider it. We shall see.

    Talking about strange activities in the area of immigration law, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer has noticed a significant delay by the government in the processing of all immigration cases. Work permits that used to take 20 to 40 days, are now taking 6 months. Naturalization cases (to become a U.S. citizen) that used to take four months are now taking well-over a year. I have also noticed a new harshness in visa processing abroad. I heard from one of our clients today that he tried to renew his visitor’s visa in Ukraine this week, and was denied. There seems to be a district effort to cut down on the number of foreign visitors to our country.

    In more promising developments in the world of immigration, one of our African clients got his EB-1 extraordinary worker case approved today. Like many of our clients, he works in the oil industry, and now, he and his family will all be getting green cards. I am very happy for them. The EB-1 category is a fast way to get a green card (less than one year). While many of our clients get it because of their experience in the oil industry, we have also done it for teachers, dancers, engineers, researchers, physicians, body shop workers and even an astronaut.

    On the employment law side of our law practice, we are bracing for all the new federal judges and appellate judges. Sadly, there is no reason to believe that they are going to have much sympathy for our clients who are the victims of harassment and discrimination. Despite that, I am confident that we will continue to have success in representing our clients with their meritorious cases.

    I should also mention that our law firm represents clients in employment law and immigration law all across America. While we may be based in Florida and Texas, we do federal law cases, which allows us to practice in all 50 states. I’ll be visiting Connecticut and Wyoming in the next 30 days on two of our cases, and we welcome referrals from across the country.

    Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the daily news reports of sex harassment in the news. Our law firm has represented sex harassment victims for over 30 years. In order to have a winnable case, it is very important to report the sex harassment to Human Resources or the  appropriate authority within the company. While there may be some exceptions, reporting sex harassment and keeping records about it is critically important.

    For further information, I may be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800. My email address is bruce.coane@gmail.com.

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    Las solicitudes de ciudadanía se disparan en EE. UU. conforme se endurece el discurso sobre la inmigración 


    Este reciente artículo de inmigración en el New York Times destacó lo que les he estado diciendo a los clientes durante muchos años.

    A menudo he pedido a mis amigos y clientes permanentes legales que se conviertan en ciudadanos de EE. UU., Ya que tener una tarjeta verde,  puede no ser suficiente para garantizar la readmisión sin daños a los EE. UU. Ni puede ser suficiente para evitar la deportación.

    El más simple de los crímenes, incluso cuando es negligente, puede causar que un inmigrante legal sea deportable. Además, las reglas cambian constantemente cuando se trata de ciudadanos que no son estadounidenses, y el no ciudadano está constantemente en peligro de perder sus derechos legales, en comparación con los ciudadanos de EE. UU. Este abogado de inmigración de Houston y abogado de inmigración de Miami insta a todos los titulares de la tarjeta verde elegibles a solicitar la ciudadanía de EE. UU. cuando sean elegibles.

    Por supuesto, en estos tiempos inusuales para nuestro país, el proceso de naturalización para convertirse en ciudadano se ha vuelto más caro, lleva mucho más tiempo y es más difícil.

    Para obtener más información, me pueden contactar a bruce.coane@gmail.com o en Texas al 713.850.0066 y en Florida al 305.538.6800

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    Citizenship Applications in the U.S. Surge as Immigration Talk Toughens 

    This recent immigration article in the New York Times highlighted what I have been telling clients for many years.

    I have often urged my legal permanent resident friends and clients to become a USA citizen, because having a green card, alone, may not be sufficient to guarantee unimpaired readmission to the U.S. nor may it be sufficient to avoid deportation.

    The simplest of crimes, even where negligent, can cause a lawful immigrant to be deportable. Moreover, rules are constantly changing when it comes to non-USA citizens, and the non-citizen is constantly in jeopardy of losing legal rights, as compared to USA citizens. This Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer urges all eligible green card holders to apply for USA citizenship whenever they become eligible.

    Of course, in these unusual times for our country, the naturalization process to become a citizen has become more expensive, it takes significantly longer and it it is more difficult.

    For further information, I may be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com or in Texas at  713.850.0066 or in Florida at 305.538.6800

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    El Proceso de la EEOC – Queja por Discriminación 

    Aquí hay un video de nuestra abogada Melba Rivera, de nuestra oficina en Miami, FL sobre el proceso de la EEOC para trabajadores que están teniendo problemas en su trabajo o que han sido terminados de su empleo basado en discriminación.

    Para más información nos pueden contactar al 713-850-0066 o al 305-538-6800, también pueden mandar un correo electrónico a bruce.coane@gmail.com.

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    October in Miami: A Lawyer’s Perspective 

    Here is the view from the office of this Miami immigration lawyer and Miami  discrimination lawyer, today. Our staff is diligently working on our clients’ immigration and discrimination cases from our Florida headquarters in South Beach.



    While I will be back in our Houston office tomorrow, I personally prefer the view from our South Beach office. Today, I was working on a couple of our local discrimination cases against Kohl’s Department Store and against Checker’s. We are representing clients before the Miami EEOC in discrimination cases against those two companies. Also, we are working on preparing Summons documents after suing Johnson and Wales University in Miami for allegedly discriminating against our client, a Native American at that school. And, finally, we are working on a lawsuit against the Oppenheimer & Co. for religious discrimination where our Jewish client was allegedly taunted with bagel jokes and other derogatory religious comments before they fired him.

    On the immigration side of our practice, I was so pleased to see the approval of our horse trainer client’s case today. We have been working on that case for ten years and it finally got approved. In these times of America First, it is not easy to be getting foreign worker applications approved. However, in this case of the horse trainer from Mexico, we tested the labor market and were able to prove that there were no available USA workers for the job.

    For further information, I can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or via email at bruce.coane@gmail.com

    • Anonymous 3:17 pm on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are the best Mr Coane

    • Jenn 7:54 pm on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Great work, Bruce!

      On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 3:01 PM, Coane and Associates, PLLC wrote:

      > Coane and Associates,PLLC posted: “Here is the view from the office of > this Miami immigration lawyer and Miami discrimination lawyer, today. Our > staff is diligently working on our clients’ immigration and discrimination > cases from our Florida headquarters in South Beach. While I will” >

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    El Viaje Mundial pronto estará Limitado. 

    La administración de Trump sigue cerrando las puertas a un país tras otro de visitar a los Estado Unidos. Primero empezó con gente de Irán, Libia, Yemen y otros países Musulmanes. Después, la administración corto visas para ciertos oficiales de gobierno y familias de Venezuela. Luego vino Cuba, y la última semana fue Turquía.

    Algunos países como Turquía se están defendiendo. Después de que los Estado Unidos anuncio que dejaría de darle visas a residentes Turcos, el país de Turquía corto todas las visas para Americanos. Entonces, para todos los que vuelan por Aerolíneas que hacen un paro en Estambul, olvídate de pasar unos días en Estambul porque los Americanos ya no van a poder salir de las instalaciones del aeropuerto.

    Los Estados Unidos también les cortaron visas a ciudadanos de Cuba cuando retiraron a empleados americanos de la embajada por preocupaciones de salud. La pregunta es: ¿Qué país seguirá? Seguramente ha de haber una manera de resolver disputas internacionales sin tener que cortas visas de entrada entre países. Pero puede ser que la administración está buscando excusas para cortar más y más visas de otros países para controlar y limitar la entrada de extranjeros a los Estados Unidos y asegurar que los trabajos vayan a Americanos.

    En la vista de este Licenciado de Inmigración en Houston y Licenciado de Inmigración en Miami, será muy interesante ver si este patrón seguirá en las semanas que vienen.

    Para más información, pueden contactarme a bruce.coane@gmail.com o llamar 713.850.0066 y 305.538.6800.

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    World Travel may soon be Limited 

    In the cat and mouse game of tit-for-tat, the Trump administration continues to cut off one country after another from visiting the U.S. At first it was natives from Iran, Libya, Yemen and other Muslim countries. Next , the administration cut off visas for certain government officials and their families from Venezuela. Then came Cuba, and last week it was Turkey.

    Some countries, like Turkey, are fighting back.  After the U.S. said it would stop issuing visas to Turkish citizens, the country of Turkey cut off all visas for Americans. So, for those of us who fly Turkish Airlines through Istanbul, forget about spending a day or two in Istanbul because you can no longer leave the airport premises.

    The U.S. also cut off visas to citizens of Cuba, when we withdrew much of our Embassy staff due to health concerns. The question now is, which country will be next? Surely there must be ways to resolve international disputes or disagreements other than to bar citizens of certain countries from visiting, but, could it be that this administration looks for excuses to cut off visas and thereby cut off foreigners from entering our country “and taking American jobs?”

    In the view of this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer, It will be interesting to see if this pattern continues in the weeks to come.

    For further information, I may be contacted at bruce.coane@gmail.com or 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.


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    Homeland Security Required to Release Convicted Criminals by Supreme Court 


    In a press release dated September 13, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)informed the public that they are issuing visa sanctions against certain countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Eritrea) who do not assist in issuing travel documents to their citizens in the U.S.  The Department of Homeland Security noted that some, or many, of these foreign nationals are convicted criminals. What they fail to mention, however, is that all of these foreign nationals have completed their criminal sentences and were already released by the jailing authorities until DHS grabbed them to try to deport them.

    Several years ago, the U.S.Supreme Court said that the DHS cannot imprison foreign nationals with a deportation order indefinitely. The Supreme Court guidelines are that imprisoning a person for more than six months while trying to deport them, is unreasonable. The logic, of course, is that they already served their time for their offense and are presumably no longer a danger to society, so there is no reason for DHS to thereafter imprison them until they get proper documents to deport them. The DHS must do their duty of deportation timely, or they must release the foreign national, according to the Supreme Court.

    By telling only half the story, the DHS tries to frighten the American public into thinking that foreign nationals with a deportation order are all hardened criminals that have not been rehabilitated in our prisons. The truth, however, is that a majority are not hardened criminals, rather, they have such offenses as DUI, marijuana possession, traffic offenses, tax offenses and other minor crimes. In the latest press release, the government does not state  what percentage are violent offenders versus non-violent offenders, or, felonies versus misdemeanors. If they would release such statistics, they would not be able to scare the public into believing that only violent criminals are being deported.

    In one case, they say that of the 1900+ Cambodians who have deportation orders, 1,412 have criminal convictions. if I had to guess, knowing the Cambodian community based on having many clients from Cambodia, I would estimate that 95% of those convictions are non-violent offenses, and that 99% of them have already served their time and been released by the state jail or prison authorities. To me, the DHS clearly wants to scare the public, and to create an anti-immigrant sentiment. Rather than misleading the public into believing these individuals are violent offenders who never went to jail, the government should provide the full story and the truth, that is, that 99% have fully served their time, and the vast majority have misdemeanors or other non-violent crimes.

    For further information, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer may be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com or at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.

    • Ellen Brazer 10:48 am on September 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Throughout history governments and despots have used fear to promote prejudice and hate in order to gain wealth and power. By lumping peoples and regions together the ignorant amongst us will no longer see these groups of human beings as people. We must always remember to SEE and to have compassion and to speak out against injustice. Thank you Bruce for being a voice for compassion and truth.

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    Houston update 



    I have not done a blog-post in awhile, but after the Houston floods caused by Hurricane Harvey, I feel compelled to write again. First of all, the staff at Coane and Associates has managed to survive the flood with limited damage and in good health. Our Houston office is back to 60% staffed and once the flood waters recede in the suburbs we hope to be at 100%.

    On Tuesday of this week, I represented our law firm as a volunteer helping flood victims at Houston’s  George R. Brown Convention Center, temporary home to 10,000 flood victims. Above are some of the pictures I took while I was there. I left at almost 1am, and families were still coming in, even at that late hour. The experience of volunteering was very humbling and, of course, heartbreaking. Many of the people there lost all of their clothes and other worldly possessions due to the floods. Some seemed to be in a daze, like the entire situation was surreal.

    On a happier note, last week my wife gave birth to our first child (my seventh), a healthy baby girl weighing 6 pounds and 15 ounces. My wife and baby are both at home and doing well. Thankfully, we had just finished the two baby doctor appointments before the hurricane hit.

    While life has been very busy with a new baby and a hurricane, our law firm is operating almost at full strength with eight  lawyers helping immigrants and the employers who sponsor them. We also continue to help individuals and businesses involved in employment discrimination and job termination issues. Some of our pending discrimination cases are against industry giants such as Wells Fargo, Conoco Phillips, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, NASA and others. No organization is too big for our federal court litigators.

    On the immigration side of our law practice, this Houston immigration lawyer and my staff continue to handle all types of immigration cases, from million dollar investors, to work visas, political asylum cases, green cards and deportation defense.

    For further information, I may be contacted at bruce.coane@gmail.com or 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.

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    Busy Week for Immigration News 

    bacpostjuneWhile my staff and I have been hard at work helping individuals and companies to solve their immigration issues this week, there have been many stories about immigration in the news.

    The top story this week was the Supreme Court‘s decision to set aside part of the injunction that stopped the travel ban ordered by the president.

    The government acted quickly and the travel ban is now back in effect.  As a result, individuals from six mostly-Muslim countries, are prohibited from entering the United States. The one exception carved out by the court is for individuals with “a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”  While that seems simple enough, in the opinion of this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer,  the Supreme Court muddled that exception by saying “a close familial relationship is required.” That opened the door for Homeland Security to exclude most family members as not being “close” enough.

    In other immigration news, the government continues to give a hard time to immigrant investors who start a business or are part of a group investment that hires at least ten USA workers. These immigrants have invested either $500,000 or $1million, and are often challenged by the government as not fully meeting all the other parts of the complex regulations. The new thing for the government is to deny the green card application (or its renewal), and then put these million-dollar-job-creating immigrants into deportation proceedings. This week, one of my lawyer friends won such a case in deportation court in Los Angeles. I encourage all investors to fight to keep their green cards and their American business.

    In today’s newspaper, I saw a story that the government is now going to target parents who paid a smuggler to bring their children to the U.S.  I’ve met many of these parents and they are generally very unsophisticated and certainly have no criminal intent. In fact, there is a waiver in the law for parents who smuggle their own children. As of today, the government has not said what law will allow them to prosecute these parents.

    This week also saw the release of a new green card form (I-485 for adjustment of status) that now contains 42 pages of instructions and 18 pages of complicated questions. For those who felt they could do the forms by themselves, this new form and its instructions will certainly make applicants think twice about self-representation before Homeland Security.

    On the positive side of immigration news, the government continues to approve work visas, green cards, self-petitions for highly skilled and accomplished individuals, investor visas, etc. and this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer enjoys opening “most” mail that I receive from the immigration office each week.

    For questions or further information, I may be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com, or 713.850.0066 and 305.538.6800.

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