Houston update 



I have not done a blog-post in awhile, but after the Houston floods caused by Hurricane Harvey, I feel compelled to write again. First of all, the staff at Coane and Associates has managed to survive the flood with limited damage and in good health. Our Houston office is back to 60% staffed and once the flood waters recede in the suburbs we hope to be at 100%.

On Tuesday of this week, I represented our law firm as a volunteer helping flood victims at Houston’s  George R. Brown Convention Center, temporary home to 10,000 flood victims. Above are some of the pictures I took while I was there. I left at almost 1am, and families were still coming in, even at that late hour. The experience of volunteering was very humbling and, of course, heartbreaking. Many of the people there lost all of their clothes and other worldly possessions due to the floods. Some seemed to be in a daze, like the entire situation was surreal.

On a happier note, last week my wife gave birth to our first child (my seventh), a healthy baby girl weighing 6 pounds and 15 ounces. My wife and baby are both at home and doing well. Thankfully, we had just finished the two baby doctor appointments before the hurricane hit.

While life has been very busy with a new baby and a hurricane, our law firm is operating almost at full strength with eight  lawyers helping immigrants and the employers who sponsor them. We also continue to help individuals and businesses involved in employment discrimination and job termination issues. Some of our pending discrimination cases are against industry giants such as Wells Fargo, Conoco Phillips, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, NASA and others. No organization is too big for our federal court litigators.

On the immigration side of our law practice, this Houston immigration lawyer and my staff continue to handle all types of immigration cases, from million dollar investors, to work visas, political asylum cases, green cards and deportation defense.

For further information, I may be contacted at bruce.coane@gmail.com or 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.