Immigration requests for citizens of Japan 

The U.S. immigration service has announced that it will give special consideration for certain immigration requests for citizens of Japan. This is all in response to the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan.

Without providing any specifics, the US CIS says that it will consider extensions of stay for Japan citizens in the USA, as well as allowing Japanese students to work in the USA, with permission. The immigration service has also agreed to do expedited processing for certain applications on behalf of citizens of Japan.

The immigration service did not set forth detailed specific procedures or rules, but they imply that due consideration will be given.

Most Japanese visit the U.S. without a visa and are permitted to stay here for up to 90 days. By law, there is generally no extension available to stay here past the 90 days. However, the immigration service has indicated that they will give extensions to allow citizens of Japan to remain here longer.

One of the lawyers at our office, Gen Kimura, is from Japan and speaks fluent Japanese, and is available to help Japanese citizens with these new immigration processes available to Japanese citizens.