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    Griffin Dewatering hit with Age Discrimination Charge 

    A 70-year old employee of Griffin Dewatering in Houston has filed an age discrimination charge with the EEOC.

    This Houston Employment Lawyer filed the charge on behalf of my client who worked at Griffin Dewatering for over 20 years. My client stated that when he refused to retire, the company fired him.

    In particular, the charge filed at the EEOC states that he was called in to a meeting with David Singleton (President and CEO) and Michael Bilaki (CFO) and that they “pressured me to voluntarily retire.”  When he refused to retire, about two months later, he states that he was fired.

    The EEOC charge filed by my client also indicates that since the company changed ownership in 2014, “Generally, these new hires have been in their late 20s or early mid 30s at the time of hire,” as further evidence of age discrimination.

    The EEOC investigates charges of discrimination in the workplace. It is expected that the investigation in this case will last throughout 2018.

    For further information, this Houston Employment Lawyer may be contacted at 713.850.0066 or at bruce.coane@gmail.com

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    Separation of Immigrant Children 

    In this video Houston immigration attorney and Miami immigration attorney, Bruce Coane, speaks about the government‘s separation of immigrant children at the southern border of the United States. He also talks about what the Bible has to say about immigrants. Mr. Coane is Board Certified in Immigration & Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Click to view video.

    For further information, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer can be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com, 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.

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    Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America’s Biggest Companies 

    Here is an interesting article from the NY Times about pregnancy discrimination and how it is rampant, particularly among large companies.

    I have been handling pregnancy discrimination cases for over 20 years, ever since I got my first case involving a waitress in College Station, Texas. In that case, the restaurant who employed my waitress client fired her when she was six months pregnant, telling her it was too dangerous for a pregnant woman to be carrying a tray full of dinner plates. They eventually paid to settle that case.

    Right now, I have a case against TDECU, where we represent a woman fired during pregnancy.  We received a Right to Sue letter from the EEOC and plan to sure TDECU for pregnancy discrimination next week.

    For further information, this Houston employment lawyer and Miami employment lawyer can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or at bruce.coane@gmail.com


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    2018 Immigration Delays in Work Permits and Visas 

    Here is my latest video where I talk about delays in the processing of immigration cases. Click to view video.

    For further information, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer can be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com, 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.

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    Immigration decisions Threaten Rule of Law 

    With the President‘s proclamation of Buy American-Hire American and with “no tolerance” declarations coming from Homeland Security and the Attorney General, the immigration service (USCIS) has been issuing illogical decisions in many cases which fail to follow the rule of law.

    Our immigration system is based on laws and federal regulations. As a Board Certified Immigration lawyer I am hearing reports  from immigrants and their attorneys across the country that the government is ignoring the law and denying otherwise approvable immigration cases. In cases of legal immigrants that were previously approved, such as non-immigrant investors, intra-company transfers and other temporary workers these people are seeing their renewal applications denied. The law has not changed, but the government is too often choosing to ignore the law or otherwise is giving the law a skewed interpretation never seen in historical precedent.

    At my office, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer has seen cases based on clear evidence being denied. The USCIS in many cases is completely ignoring the evidence and denying cases with no reasonable or logical explanation, thereby making a mockery of the rule of law. I am seeing this trend across the board, from deportation cases, to business immigration cases, to immigration marriage cases and to student visa cases. It is also seeping into the political asylum process and every other type of immigration case.

    It used to be that if a case is mistakenly denied or denied because the government overlooked certain evidence, a person could file a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider. Unfortunately, that process is also being made into a mockery. Either the USCIS chooses to ignore such motions to fix a denial, by letting them sit there for years with no decision (while the person remains subject to deportation while waiting), or they  deny the motion on improper and wrong technical grounds without considering the merits of the motion. At this point, I often tell my clients not to bother with such motions.

    What is an American spouse or  sponsoring company to do when they follow all the rules and receive an unfair decision? For years, the final answer for my clients has been litigation. For many years, I have filed lawsuits against Homeland Security and other government agencies for wrongful denials of immigration cases. While these have been few and far between over the years, the recent uptick in illogical, unfair, and, dare I say–illegal—denials, warrants the need for more  immigration lawsuits to be brought.

    Ultimately, a federal judge has the ability to order the reversal of a decision if it is arbitrary, capricious or not in accordance with the law. I encourage immigrants, non-immigrant workers, companies, American spouses of foreign nationals, immigrant students and others to challenge these improper denials by taking their cases to federal court and asking a federal judge to consider the evidence (something that USCIS is all-to-often failing to do).

    For further information, this Houston immigration lawyer (713.850.0066) and Miami immigration lawyer (305.538.6800) may be reached by phone or via email at bruce.coane@gmail.com.


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    Stormy Daniels and Payment from Trump’s Lawyer 

    While working out at the gym this morning, the morning news was playing on the gym’s television. I was shocked to hear the news anchor claim that a payment of $130,000 by Donald Trump‘s lawyer to Stormy Daniels was unethical.

    Lawyers are required to maintain a trust account for the purpose of holding and paying out money. I pay money from our law firm’s trust account all the time. While I am not paying “hush” money on behalf of a client, I am paying money to third parties such as Homeland Security filing fees for clients, and court filing fees for clients. In addition, large corporations have sent me settlement funds to pay my clients after my clients have signed a settlement agreement where they agree to keep the terms confidential.

    There is nothing unethical or illegal for a lawyer to pay settlement funds from their trust account to their client or to a settling party. In fact, that is the norm. Sometimes I am receiving funds from the lawyer who represents a big corporation, after my client has signed an agreement (like Stormy Daniels did) to keep the settlement terms confidential.

    In settling employment law cases, it is standard practice for the aggrieved worker to sign a settlement agreement that says they will keep it confidential and that they won’t disparage the employer. The employer often is not admitting liability, but is rather, buying their peace, in order for the legal claim or lawsuit to go away. No doubt, this is exactly what Donald Trump and his lawyer did in settling any claim brought by Ms. Daniels, or the more recent Playboy playmate who claims she signed a settlement agreement.

    In my many years of law practice, I have never had a client want to come forward and breach the confidentiality provision or non-disparagement provision of a settlement agreement. Certainly, my clients could make the same arguments as Ms. McDougal of Playboy or Stormy Daniels.

    Historically, when the courts have had these issues, they have required that the complaining party pay back the settlement funds if they now want to proceed with their legal claim. That leaves this Houston employment lawyer and Miami employment lawyer to wonder if companies will stop settling cases if it becomes easy or “fashionable” for workers to take the money and then come back and “spill the beans.” I can see clients saying that, “If Stormy Daniels and Ms. McDougal can tell their stories and keep their settlement money, why can’t I?” If this scenario becomes the norm, it may be more difficult for complaining individuals to settle their cases because a defendant would be unable to “buy their peace.”

    For further information, I can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, and via email at bruce.coane@gmail.com .


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    Dreamers and the End of DACA, with Board Certified Immigration Attorney Bruce Coane 

    Who are the “Dreamers” that we hear about in the immigration debate? What is DACA? I explain it all in this short video.

    As a Houston Immigration Lawyer and Miami Immigration Lawyer, I use these words at work on almost a daily basis. There are hundreds of thousands of young people who got work permits under President Obama’s Executive Order called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

    These young adults, who came here illegally as young children and dream about one day being “legal” in the U.S. are known as Dreamers. Many of them already have a work permit thanks to DACA, but President Trump canceled the DACA program as of March 5, 2018, and these young adults can no longer get their work permits or their legal “DACA” status renewed.

    For more, check out my video.


    For further information, I can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or by email at bruce.coane@gmail.com

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    Judge Releases Orders in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit against Dignity Health 

    Our law firm has been representing a former employee of Dignity Health in a sex discrimination case in U.S.District Court in Phoenix, Arizona.

    The case has been going on for quite some time with a likely trial date for this year. In this case, our client is a male who worked in a 5-person lab at Dignity Health in Phoenix. Our client alleges, and the evidence has shown, that his boss was sleeping with a female co-worker, and then keeping her as a lab employee as he fabricated reasons for letting other male lab employees go. Our client was terminated, in favor of the hospital keeping our client’s boss’s girlfriend, even though our client alleges that he and the other men in the lab were significantly more qualified than their boss’s girlfriend.

    Eventually, the entire lab disbanded, apparently due to lack of funding, with our client’s ex-boss and his girlfriend as the last employees.

    The action that the judge took this week was to warn former OBGYN Department chair at Dignity, Dr. James Balducci, that he must contact our law firm because he ignored a subpoena to appear for a deposition. The judge’s Order states that he’d consider holding the doctor  in contempt of court if he fails to promptly contact us to reschedule his deposition.

    In addition to Balducci being a no-show for his deposition, Dignity Health was refusing to produce documents relating to the termination of the other lab workers. This week, the judge ORDERED Dignity to provide those records.

    Finally, in a common tactic used by company lawyers, Dignity was threatening to send a subpoena to our client’s current employer in Texas, under the guise of needing independent verification of salary, benefits, etc., because somehow the documents we provided and offered to provide just were not sufficient enough. The judge said that Dignity’s lawyer can issue the subpoena, but only if they significantly narrow their request. Either way, it’s certainly the belief of this Houston Employment Lawyer and Miami Employment Lawyer  that this is an intimidation move to scare workers from filing lawsuits, lest their new employer discover that they sued their prior employer.

    For further information, I can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or by email at bruce.coane@gmail.com

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      Very good job on this post! I enjoy how you presented your facts and
      the way you made it interesting and easy to understand.

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    Employers will be seeing stepped-up Immigration Inspections 

    In a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, it was noted that ICE will engage in stepped-up enforcement at work-sites, looking for undocumented workers or other violations of immigration law.



    It is unlawful for an employer to hire or employ a person who is not a citizen or otherwise authorized to work in the United States.

    There are severe penalties for employers that fail to get a properly completed I-9 form from every worker. These forms are just as important as the W-4 or background check done for every new worker.

    If the I-9 form is not properly signed or dated, or missing information, there can be huge paperwork penalties that amount to tens of thousands of dollars. This Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer has defended businesses on such cases in the past, helping clients to avoid huge penalties.

    The other issue is that if ICE wants to, they can criminally charge the employer and arrest the owners of the business if they find any undocumented workers. It is very important for employers to make sure that their workers are all properly documented, or the employer should consider terminating the worker or helping them to apply for a work permit. Even for undocumented workers, there are often ways to get work permits.

    For further information, I may be reached at bruce.coane@gmail.com or at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.


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    Colapso Inmigratorio… ¿TPS? Soñadores? ¿Migración de cadena? 

    A medida que nuestro sistema de inmigración continúa siendo noticia de primera plana, he observado como todo el sistema se derrite literalmente. Como Abogado de Inmigración Certificado por la Junta directiva, mi trabajo consiste en encontrar soluciones como una barricada tras la barricada puesta ante mis clientes individuales y comerciales. En este reciente artículo en la revista Playboy, fui citado en relación con la revocación de TPS y permisos de trabajo para más de 200,000 personas de El Salvador en los Estados Unidos.



    No, estas 200,000 personas no son miembros de la pandilla MS-13, más bien han sido completamente investigados y pasaron todos los controles de seguridad. A medida que el presidente y sus designados revocan programa tras programa y cierran caminos para la inmigración, los ciudadanos regulares se defienden. Como mencioné en el artículo anterior, hay soluciones disponibles para los salvadoreños, pero ninguna será tan fácil como simplemente renovar su estatus TPS y permisos de trabajo como lo han hecho durante más de una década.

    Con respecto a los Dreamers, el problema ha estado causando la amenaza de cierres del gobierno. Por supuesto, todo el asunto fue creado cuando nuestro Presidente revocó el estado Dreamer (DACA) para los cientos de miles de jóvenes que salieron de las sombras para solicitar este beneficio del gobierno, con la promesa de permisos de trabajo al registrarse. A diferencia de TPS, su servidor, abogado de inmigración de Houston y abogado de inmigración en Miami les informa que no hubo nada “temporal” sobre el programa DACA. Fue establecido por una orden ejecutiva del Presidente Obama, que el actual Presidente ha revocado, creando así el problema DACA.

    No es mi trabajo criticar al presidente, así que permítanme señalar que estoy de acuerdo con él en que debería haber una solución permanente para DACA, pero revocar y cancelar el programa puede no haber sido la mejor manera de llegar a esa solución. Por otro lado, tal vez el Presidente lo vio como una forma de presionar al Congreso para tratar el tema, aunque a expensas de los cientos de miles de jóvenes que tienen que preocuparse diariamente por su estatus migratorio.

    Finalmente, está la noción de inmigración en cadena, una frase que jamás escuché en mis décadas de experiencia como abogado de inmigración en Houston. Quizás debería comenzar por decir que me especializo en la migración en cadena, junto con mis otras especialidades de inmigración, pero a decir verdad, esa frase no existe en ninguna parte de la ley. Como Abogado de Inmigración Certificado por la Junta Directiva, no tengo idea de qué es la migración en cadena.

    Según algunos de los discursos del Presidente, al parecer se refiere a nuestro sistema de inmigración basada en la familia. Según nuestras leyes, hay dos formas principales de inmigrar a los Estados Unidos, De acuerdo a nuestras leyes, la inmigración basada en negocios y la inmigración basada en la familia. También hay otras formas, como los refugiados, etc., pero estas son las dos formas principales de inmigrar.

    La inmigración basada en la familia es nuestro sistema legal donde los ciudadanos estadounidenses pueden traer a su cónyuge, padres y / o hijos. Un ciudadano de EE. UU. También puede patrocinar a un hermano o hermana, pero esa categoría de inmigración generalmente toma de 15 a 25 años, dependiendo del país de origen. Por lo tanto, mediante la migración en cadena, ¿el régimen actual trata de evitar que un ciudadano estadounidense patrocine a su esposo o esposa nacido en el extranjero para que viva con el en los EE. UU? ¿Pretenden evitar que los hijastros nacidos en el extranjero o los abuelos que a menudo cuidan a los niños, vengan a los Estados Unidos? Esta es una cuestión aun sin responder.

    Como la frase “migración en cadena” no existe en la ley, tal vez signifique revocar toda inmigración basada en la familia, o tal vez sea un concepto en desarrollo revocar la mayor cantidad de leyes posible que permitan la inmigración basada en la familia. Cabe recalcar que las mismas leyes basadas en la familia que permiten a mis clientes de Noruega patrocinar a sus padres o hijos para venir a Estados Unidos son las mismas leyes que permiten a mis clientes haitianos y filipinos patrocinar a su cónyuge e hijos y padres para que vengan a los Estados Unidos

    Espero que este artículo les ayude a entender el debate actual sobre inmigración. Es importante saber exactamente qué dicen realmente la ley y las regulaciones federales, en lugar de generalizar y afirmar que todos los que cruzan la frontera ilegalmente son traficantes de drogas y pandilleros MS-13 (¡no podría estar más lejos de la verdad!), O que todos los inmigrantes (o un gran porcentaje) son criminales. Estoy seguro de que el mismo pequeño porcentaje de la población inmigrante que es criminal, coincide (o es incluso menor) con el porcentaje de estadounidenses nativos que son criminales. Notarás que aquellos que buscan detener la inmigración legal a este país no citan ningún estudio o estadística válida, sino que citan un accidente automovilístico o un asesinato cometido por un inmigrante, mientras que miles de incidentes similares, tristemente, son cometidos por estadounidenses nacidos aquí todos los días.

    Finalmente, prometí mencionar el “colapso”. A medida que el régimen actual cancela los programas de inmigración y busca nuevas leyes para deportar a tantas personas como sea posible, también se están desacelerando y luchando contra la aprobación de casos legales de inmigración en todo el país. Para las empresas con trabajadores extranjeros aprobados, el gobierno ha anunciado que volverán a visitar esas aprobaciones y, en muchos casos, están reclamando errores en las aprobaciones y cancelando permisos de trabajo o revocándolos. Esto se ve en todo el país con los permisos de trabajo válidos H-1B y L-1. En nuestro bufete de abogados, afortunadamente, hemos tenido éxito en la lucha y en mantener a nuestros trabajadores extranjeros de nuestros clientes legítimamente empleados, pero no es fácil y es costoso. En otros casos, se acumularon grandes retrasos en la inmigración legal, mientras que al mismo tiempo, el gobierno ha insistido en acelerar los casos de deportación.

    Para obtener más información, su servidor,  abogado de inmigración de Houston y abogado de inmigración de Miami puede ser contactado en bruce.coane@gmail.com, o al 713.850.0066 o 305.538.6800.

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