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  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 10:12 am on March 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: #Coronavirus, #COVID19, #FMLA, #PaidSickLeave   

    The new Coronavirus FMLA Law and Paid Sick Leave Act 

    Here is a video I recorded this weekend, with CPA, Ann McCowan, in Miami Beach. We talk about Coronavirus and COVID-19 and the new FMLA law and the Paid Sick Leave Act and how it affects both employers and employees. Ann explains the tax impacts and financial benefits for both employers and employees.


    As most of you know, as an attorney, I have been practicing both employment law/wrongful termination and immigration law for over 30 years. For further information, I can be contacted at or at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.  I hope you enjoy our video.

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    Fired for Raising Concerns about Coronavirus or COVID-19? 


    I have been getting daily inquiries about employee rights in light of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 situation. Many employees have been fired for discussing the virus or taking time off. Today a doctor inquired about a hospital refusing to allow him to wear a mask while he makes his rounds. These are all novel issues and further complicated by emergency declarations at the local and national level.

    Often during times of emergency declarations, legal rights are suspended. On the other hand, it still remains illegal to fire someone over protected legal rights, such as their disability or religion.

    This Houston employment lawyer and Miami employment lawyer, deals with these issues every day. I consider federal laws under the Civil Rights Act of 1967,  the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and others. It is a matter of taking the individual facts of the person’s Coronavirus or COVID-19 situation and trying to apply those facts to existing laws.

    What about lay-offs? There are hundreds of thousands , if not millions of American workers being laid off right now. If an employer has been trying to get rid of an employee for quite sometime, placing them in a group layoff is certainly one way to disguise their intent. In order for the employee to have a case in that situation, they would have to show that they were unfairly included in the layoff because of their age, race, sex or some other discriminatory reason. If the entire workforce is laid off, then, of course, the employee would most likely lose.

    As these brand new employment issues arise due to Coronavirus and COVID-19, I will continue to work with clients to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to find laws that may cover their situation and may get them some justice in dealing with employers who make unfair or unscrupulous  decisions.

    The author: Bruce A. Coane is a Houston employment lawyer and Miami employment lawyer for over 30 years, representing both workers and employers in workplace disputes. He  may be reached at, or at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800. The website is

  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 8:11 am on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: #Coronavirus #Travelban #Immigration   

    Coronavirus, Travel Bans and the U.S. Immigration System 

    In this video I talk about the coronavirus and its effects on the U.S. Immigration System.

    For further information, contact Bruce Coane, Houston Immigration Lawyer and Miami Immigration Lawyer, at, 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800.

  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 2:48 pm on February 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Immigration Update: Travel Bans: Nigerians, Pregnant Women, Poor Immigrants 

    Here is my first Immigration Update of 2020, where this Houston Immigration Lawyer and Miami Immigration Lawyer talks about travel bans and new regulations dealing with foreigners accepting public benefits, Medicaid, etc.

    For further information, I can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800 or by email at

  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 11:39 am on February 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Nigeria Travel Ban Hits Hard 

    The Trump administration announced a travel ban on citizens of Nigeria, to go into effect later this month. As soon as this was publicized, this Houston Immigration Lawyer and Miami Immigration Lawyer ‘s phone started ringing off the wall and the emails began to pile up.

    Nigeria is Africa’s largest country and it is one of the top  oil-producing nations in the world. Most large oil companies like Shell, Chevron and others have a large presence in Nigeria. Moreover, these companies often move Nigerian petroleum engineers and other management employees back and forth between Nigeria and the U.S. But oil is not the only industry that will be affected by the all-out travel ban.

    The tourism industry will be hit very hard. There are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Nigerians traveling to the U.S. every year.Many come to visit family that live here and have immigrated here.

    Just this morning I was thinking about the annual International Bar Association (IBA) conference which will be held in Miami later this year. Usually, the Nigerian delegation of lawyers and judges attending this international event is close to 1,000. With the new countries being added to the travel ban, I would have to think this will be the last IBA annual conference held in America. There are just too many lawyers and judges who would otherwise attend but are being barred by the current administration.

    The number of flights that will be lost to the travel ban, and the effect on the Miami economy (hotel rooms, registration fees, restaurants, etc) from the loss of almost 1000 lawyers and judges coming from Nigeria for this event will be huge.

    Many of my clients from Nigeria are in the oil industry and worry about their families and separation from their families. Some are working in Nigeria for Chevron or Shell or Schlumberger, while their spouse and children are in the U.S. on student visas. The spouse working in Nigeria will typically come 3-4 times a year to visit with their family in Houston or California or Alaska, where they typically live in the U.S.

    Our office will be able to continue the green card process of visa petitions for these workers, but the actual issuance of an immigrant visa (following approval of a visa petition) will be barred. For those oil and gas workers from Nigeria who are temporarily working in the U.S. right now, they will be able to finish their green card cases and receive a green card as long as they stay here. It is only those who must get a visa at a USA Embassy who will likely be affected by the ban. And, certainly lawyers, judges, tourists and students trying to fly to the U.S. with a temporary visa will be barred from entry.

    For further information this Board Certified immigration lawyer may be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or via email at

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    L-1 Visa Lawsuit Filed to Overrule USCIS Denial 

    This past week, our law firm sued the federal government in U.S. District Court in Miami, over the denial of an extension of an L-1A, intracompany transfer working visa.

    Our client, from Europe, had started his branch office in the USA and has over 10 American workers in Florida. The USCIS, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security had already previously approved him for an L-1A visa to work in the United States. After starting the business here and hiring more than ten employees, it was time to file for an extension of his stay in L-1A status.

    In denying the extension of stay and rendering the business owner out of status, the  government now claimed that he was not a manager or executive who managed management employees, even though all the evidence submitted indicated that he was the CEO of the U.S.-based company.

    President Trump, through an executive order, has stated that the government would give a more difficult time to intracompany transfer workers, but he did not say the USCIS should not follow the law and should not approve cases that clearly qualify under the law.

    This Miami immigration lawyer and Houston immigration lawyer has been suing the federal government on improperly denied immigration visa cases for over thirty years. Normally, such cases are resolved in favor of the foreign national, based on my own personal experience. Moreover, if the government waits for the federal judge to overrule their decision, the federal government is often on the hook to pay attorney’s fees of the foreign national.

    The government is expected to file an answer to the lawsuit in the next 60 days, with a 2021 trial date most likely on the horizon.

    About the author: Bruce Coane is a Miami immigration lawyer and a Houston immigration lawyer and is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Coane practices immigration law in all 50 states and has clients all around the world.He may be reached at or at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800

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    The New Public Charge Rules for Immigration Cases 

    In the video below, I talk about the new public charge rules for immigration cases. As an immigration lawyer, I advise clients on all the latest changes in the public charge rules, and I analyze their chances of satisfying the latest definitions when completing the affidavit of support for immigration cases.

    For further information, this Miami immigration lawyer and Houston immigration lawyer may be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or at



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    Employee Rights: Exceptions to Employment at Will 

    Here is a video where I talk about exceptions to employment at will. So many people tell me that they were fired or suffered wrongful termination and never talked to an employment lawyer because their state has employment at will. They are shocked when I tell them that there are EXCEPTIONS to employment at will, and many employees have recourse where they thought they had none. As a lawyer who has handled wrongful termination cases across the United States for over 30 years, I can tell you it is certainly worthwhile to talk to a wrongful termination lawyer or employment lawyer about your legal rights.

    At Coane and Associates, PLLC our wrongful termination lawyers represent individuals in discrimination cases under federal law, throughout America. We can be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or by email,

  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 10:23 am on October 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Public Charge Law with Board Certified Immigration Attorney, Bruce Coane 

    In this video, Houston Immigration Lawyer and Miami Immigration Lawyer, Bruce Coane, speaks about the Public Charge law affecting prospective immigrants coming to the U.S. For more information visit, call 713-850-0066 or 305.538.6800 or email Bruce Coane is Board Certified in Immigration & Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

  • Coane and Associates,PLLC 2:49 pm on July 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , #I-9, #ICEraids, #Notice of Inspection, #W-4   

    Crackdown by ICE Targeting Employers 


    This article appeared in the Miami Herald a few days ago and confirmed my suspicion that ICE was cracking down on employers who possibly hire undocumented workers.

    This immigration lawyer has seen an unusual uptick in I-9 Notice of Inspection cases at my office. I see those types of immigration cases about once every few years, but recently, I saw three in the past six months (two in the past 60 days).

    What exactly is an I-9 case or a Notice of Inspection? Many small employers who do not have an HR department may not be aware of the paperwork requirements under federal immigration law. For example, each time an employer hires a new employee, they must get a completed I-9 form, together with the normal W-4 and other new employee paperwork.

    The I-9 form process is full of traps, so ICE knows that any small employer is an easy target. If any employer fails to perfectly complete the form for each new hire, there are fines for EVERY mistake on each form. That means there can be thousands of dollars of fines for each form not completed correctly, including a fine for failure to complete the form within three days of hire. And, of course, as a Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer, I must inform my clients that there are serious fines and penalties for failure to complete the form at all.

    What if the employer has lots of turnover, like the local hamburger store or a Subway franchise. When ICE hand-delivers the Notice of Inspection, they often ask to see I-9 forms for every employee (including former employees) for the past two, or three years. Imagine what the fine could look like for a small business with lots of turnover and thousands of dollars in fines for each form not done perfectly (or at all).

    When I showed this article to my wife, she asked if the employer has to have I-9 forms for American workers as well. Many small businesses may be shocked at the answer, which is, “yes.”  The I-9 must be on file for EVERY employee, including American citizens.

    Bruce Coane, Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer  is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. For further information, I may be reached at or at 713.850.0066 (Texas office) or 305.538.6800 (Florida office).

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