Race Discrimination Case Against Kroger Set for June Trial

Our law firm, Coane and Associates, PLLC is currently representing a black female who has worked for over 15 years in one of the largest retail food companies in the United States, Kroger Co., LLP. When our client became an employee of Kroger in 1995, she was well qualified for the position and had been a productive and competent cashier at the Kroger store in Sugar Land, Texas.

Our client’s lawsuit alleges that she has experienced a hostile work environment, discrimination and sex and racial harassment from a co-worker. Our client alleges that the co-worker (now fired) would call her names (including the “N” word) and stalk her before and after work. What’s worse is that when she reported it to the general manager of the Kroger store, the management still did not take any action about it, claiming that the man was a “special needs” employee, and she should ignore his harassment.

Our client’s complaints, which she filed on February 2009, include violation of Title VII and Retaliation, and Negligence. She states that she was retaliated against when her work schedule unexpectedly changed to a later shift and her original shift was given to employees with less seniority.

Interestingly, our client continues to work at the Kroger store in Sugar Land, Texas, notwithstanding her federal court lawsuit against the company. Perhaps the fact that she is a member of a union, allows her job to be protected during the litigation. Trial is set for June 2012 in Houston, Texas.


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