September 2010 Visa Bulletin: A Great Leap Forward for Some…

Recently, we spotted some language written by the State Department in the August 2010 Visa Bulletin which indicated that certain categories might advance rapidly in the September 2010 Visa Bulletin. And for many thousands of people, the September Visa Bulletin is a dream-come-true. Not for those with India and China employment-based (EB) priority dates who have been waiting in line for much too long (Did you hear that, Congress?).

For who does the September 2010 Visa Bulletin apply to?

In particular, for those in the worldwide EB-3 category for instance — For professionals and skilled workers, the numbers advanced over 5 months in September while for unskilled workers, the advance was over 10 months. The worldwide family numbers advanced between 2 and 12 months, much faster than they did back in September 2009. The biggest movers in the worldwide family categories were 2A (spouses and children of permanent residents) and 2B (unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents). 2A advanced 10 months while 2B moved forward one full year!

Thus, there are people stuck in the worldwide family backlogs have something to cheer about, persons born in the Philippines, a country where demand for visa numbers far outpaces the supply, are positively ecstatic! Family 1st advanced by one full year, 2A by 10 months, 2B by one year, 3rd by 8 months and 4th by 9 months! (Thanks, Congress for listening…)