USA Immigration from the Philippines

I recently spoke at a seminar in Manila , Philippines about immigrating to the USA.  I discussed the various ways that Filipinos can come to the USA to live, work or invest.

Many Filipinos come to the USA on the B-2 visitor/tourist visa. Sometimes they decide they would like to stay and work or live, but are not familiar with how to do that. There are many ways that an individual can change their status once they are in the USA. For example, they could legally switch to E-2 investor, or H-1B worker status. Other options include F-1 student status or L-1 intracompany transferee. There are many possible options for changing status.

I also spoke about the EB-1 extraordinary worker visa, for individuals with extraordinary abilities. I met numerous people in the Philippines who could put together meritorious cases in this category, such as doctors, professors, singers, and others. The good thing about the EB-1 is that no sponsor is required, there is no quota problem, and if approved, the person gets an immediate green card to immigrate to the USA.  Some of the job titles that I have had approved for my clients in this category included math teacher, english teacher, flower arranger, physician, car body painter,  geologist, Laotian wedding dress maker, fashion consultant, astronaut, computer expert, etc.

I also discussed the E-2 investor and immigrant investor categories. These categories allow individuals to come to the USA based on an investment in a business or enterprise. For those with money to invest and a business plan, it is a very realistic way to get immigrant or non-immigrant status in America.

I plan to continue visiting the Philippines to meet with clients and remain available for consultations which can be scheduled via email at .